Session 12- Jan 23rd 2014 – The Screening Event

Today is our Screening Event!!!!

We are Dina, Sarah, Iman, Gabby, Sena, Lisa and  presented our music video to an audience of 18 important people – teachers, managers, key-workers, youth-workers and our friends and siblings.

We were really nervous as most of us had to lead on a section of the event. Some of us quickly wrote what were going to say to the audience so that we don’t forget. We had planned it before but thought we would have remembered but nerves got to us.

We was happy to see Pam and the team and we managed to fit in completing Crypt’s evaluation form.

What we did:

We had a circle time led by Anne-Marie who spoke about using this opportunity to show our audience the best of ourselves, which all starts with a decision that we have to make. It was emotional and we were encouraged to get through the event.

We showed our audience that we can plan, present, focus, be creative, appreciate others and work together to make this event and DVD happen.

Before the event started we:

Set up space – help to put away chairs, arrange tables
Lisa went to the shops and brought tins of coke because that was missing.
Gabby, Sena and Dina started to put out the refreshments, then Iman took over and served the audience.We all wanted to eat the food but we held it down.
Most of us had to go toilet at the last minute because of nerves.
We practiced – it was hard to remember, what to say because of our nerves. Some of us kept walking off, others kept shouting, others kept repeating things to ourselves. Some of us went to write down our speech. It was all getting so REAL!
Anne-Marie made us stay at the side of the stage and reminded is to breathe. She went over the order, answered questions and kept reminding us to be quiet. Eventually, we managed it. It was calm!

Gabby ran a domestic violence quiz, we got the giggles but recovered. Winners – got perfume and chocolates.
We also spoke about what we got out of the project.
They liked the DVD, Charli and Sue said they wanted to cry. Others said it was emotional, could feel the pain, which is what we wanted to show. The pain of life: family, relationships, but also wanting for a better life.

We were happy with what we did!!!

Abby put together a picture presentations which we asked for and she showed it at the beginning of the event and through our introduction. At first when we were practising it surprised us and we kept wanting to watch it.

We got all staff on stage at the end to say thank-you!

Took lots of pictures with The Crypt team And Neveah’s angel.

We got lots of great feedback and DreamArts, Crypt and Aspire staff said they were very proud of us.

See how we got on…

Enjoy the DVD, which we are very proud of….


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