SESSION 11 – January 16th 2014 – Planning and Leadership

So, Lisa, Sena, Sara, Sarah, Iman, Dina and Gabby all met Rene from LEAP.

He has been working with young people loads of years and he came to talk about a leadership project called LEAP that teaches you how to deal with conflict.

That the first conflict that we all face is the one with OURSELVES, like deciding what to wear when we are going out, not wanting to go school when we feel tired but knowing that we need an education, etc. CONFLICT on a larger scale is WAR!

With Rene we did this leadership exercise that helped us with our presenting skills. We had to write on a piece of paper some-thing we liked doing then place it in his hat. We then had to choose a different paper from the hat that was not our own and present it like it was our own idea. So we had to act and sale it to everyone else like it’s the best thing in the world.

It was weird a bit at first then we really got into it. Sarah went first and Gabby spoke about becoming famous because she can’t sing – it was funny and we was not expecting it. We wanted to do it over and over and we got more creative and confident with what were presenting.

Then we finalised our event plans before going to our Arts Award review trip – a cinema trip to Swiss Cottage IMAX Cinema to see ‘American Hustle’. We chose this film because it was the only good one we could see within the time we had.

The trip had lots of ups and downs. Some of us thought the movie was ‘dead’, others thought it was ‘alright but a bit weird’. Gabby who loves gangster and mafia type films, LOVED IT!

All we have to do now is write, film or audio record our thoughts about the film in terms of our likes, dislikes, what would have made it better and how it helped me as a young creative artist……. Oh yeah we also have to share our review with some-one else.