Session 7- December 5th 2013 Finishing up the lyrics and taking all pictures and film for the video


We were a bit hyped today and just wanted to chat and catch up with each other. Straight after Pizza we started working on the song.
Abby played us a choice of instrumentals to choose from and most of us liked number 4 (Public Demand). Pam brought a guest singing tutor Mayes. She helped us a lot with the harmony for our chorus.

Photo 05-12-2013 16 07 21
With the backing track it’s starting to sound more real and Mayes and Anne-Marie was helping us with the chorus, whilst Sena was helping Gabby and Iman take photos of the ideas they had for the song.

The filming crew took all of the pictures and videos used on today’s blog! Here are some of the pictures from our storyboard.

Photo 05-12-2013 16 10 36

Photo 05-12-2013 18 11 01Photo 05-12-2013 18 10 33



Photo 05-12-2013 18 09 24

Photo 05-12-2013 15 52 52

We managed to sing a long to the backing track and kinda of got know how to sing properly. Jannath helped us keep what we wrote last week and work on it so that it sounds good. Sena had some really cool ideas and kinda formed the lyrics much better so it made sense. She showed the rest of us, how she feels it should sound after she heard ours.

Photo 05-12-2013 16 50 23
It was Sena’s first day in our girls group and I think she really liked it.

Photo 05-12-2013 17 25 45

Photo 05-12-2013 18 19 12