Session 6- Lyric writing


We are: Sarah, Lisa, Sena, Gabby, Stevie, Sara, Iman

Today was a lot of fun.
The Crypt staff came, told their stories and what made them who they are today. We met Nyalissa for the first time. She is a poet, a very good one, loved the one she performed for us.

We did soo much by the end of session, everyone was gassed from singing and writing. We’ve arranged most of our lyrics and created the hook ‘running away’ thanks to Janet and Nyalissa.

Pam helped us with our voices, in small groups, she taught us cool songs to help us learn breathing technique and how to harmonise. Telling us when to breathe in and out whilst singing.

We made up the flow for two verses of the song,

IMG_0193 IMG_0195 IMG_0234 IMG_0169
– Performed the song a few times to make sense of it with the beat.
– Learnt and practised the basics of harmonising,

– Decided our video on a series of still Images and some moving images, (Stevie and Gabi)
– Filmed some shots, whilst learning camera techniques, Abby said to us (Gabi and Stevie) it’s easier to learn as we take pictures and film). All the pictures and videos from this session was done by Gabi and Stevie.

– Suggested Meek Mills, Macklemore are the kind of instrumentals we want for our song, so that Abby can bring it the next session.