SESSION 4 Nov 20th ‘My Dangerous Lover Boy’ watching Film

Hi we are: Lisa, Dina, Stevie, Natalie, Sara, Sarah, Iman,

We could not wait to watch the rest of the ‘my dangerous lover boy’ DVD. There was some really disturbing parts of the film where the girl is in a room and men come in and just have sex with her. Sarah couldn’t take it. The girl was getting rinsed out and we felt sorry for her.

After watching the film, Claire asked us if we thought it was gonna end like that. We were mostly vex with the ending, cos the girl run away and nothing happened to the boyfriend. we would have like to see it end with:
  • having the men put in prison and the girl following her dreams – Sarah and Sara
  • showing the girl dying/dead


We watched the ‘it’s because he cares’ animation video, this was cool. The girls spontaneously spoke of resisting ‘trickery’ – gifts, empty words of I love you, yet being asked to have sex, give brain or have anal’ – Sarah. The group then had a debate about ‘controlling behaviour and intention’ when Natalie said that if her partner asked her not to smoke weed she would See that as controlling. Iman spoke of smoking weed and still advising other not too because she knows of the effects and cares for the other person.
Getting involved making a photo collage Moodboard
Collage – How I want to be treated to in a relationship:
We didn’t quite understand the task at first, but we got round to doing the images to represent what we like in a relationship. Anne-Marie and Abby helped us individually to go through what picture represent how we feel. We loved it, with music playing in the background, we could chat about situations and find pictures that say what we are talking about. It was like a chill out session. Sara was our youtube dj, playing some heavy tunes.
Gabby working on collage.
Sara and Iman working on mural together
For some of us it was easy to show how we want to be treated and what we look for in relationships. But for others it was hard. They said, ‘there’s no such thing as a healthy relationships’ , ‘boys are manipulators, abusers and try to stop you seeing the true picture’, ‘can’t trust boys’.