We are Aspire Girls, Iman, Stevie, Gaby, Natalie, Sara S, Sarah, Dina, Lisa.This is our first session, we were excited to meet the DreamArts team and to hear about the project and what we will be doing for the next few weeks. We met Anne-Marie and Abby and they explained the project and Arts Awards, which we need to complete. It’s equal to a GCSE so obviously we’re interested.
We love the hot chocolate with donuts, so it’s calm having that every session, and getting to talk about things we care about.We listed what we feel is going to keep this group CALM. Qualities like ‘respect’, ‘belief’, ‘fun’, ‘listen’. Hot chocolate and food is essential for the group and agreed to try to talk things through if some-one broke the rules. Though, Sara felt strongly that if no-one spoke to the person they would fix up as a result.
Ground Rules

Ground Rules

  ‘Being a girl means’:

  • feeling controlled and over-protected by parents in comparison to boys.
  • being told what we can and cannot do in relation to jobs, behaviour
  • It’s not fair boys are more free to do what they please.
  • the way boys speak to us and call us names if we sleep around. Natalie mention that this does not affect her as she is not into boys at all, but into girls.
  • We didn’t feel there is much we liked about being girls apart from wearing make up.  Even, having a womb and having the option to have children was a dislike more than a like, as it related to period pains, labour pains, men leaving and not taking responsibility, this makes it difficult to trust men in general. Though, Sara said the child is always with you from conception, which is a bonus.



IMG_9900 IMG_9901IMG_9903IMG_9904 IMG_9905 IMG_9906 IMG_9907 IMG_9909 IMG_9910IMG_9912

We worked in smaller groups for this exercise and found it difficult to imagine into the images and to describe what kind of life these women live. It was easier to describe what we saw (she from Hong Kong, goes gym,etc). The ‘we can do it’ and the ‘girl on the floor drunk in the toilet’ were the two images that stood out as they were the most powerful ones.


By the end of the session we decided we wanted to do a music video. It should be epic!